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Westheimer Indoor Tennis: Why we are different.

September 21, 2016

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Top 10 Servers (Part 2)

March 20, 2017

Hey everyone, welcome back to our countdown of the best tennis servers in the game today! Last week we saw who was #10-6. Now let's take a look at who is the best of the best.



5. Rafael Nadal



Rafael isn't on most people's top 10 lists for best servers, but I'll tell you why he's in mine; his ball placement and first serve percentage. He is a perfect example of a great server who doesn't have to overpower you on his serve to ace you. If you ever watch a Rafael Nadal service game, you'll notice that he always spins his opponent off the court. You won't win very many points off of his serve if you're already playing defensively after he serves. To make matters worse, he also has one of the highest first serve percentages in all of men's tennis, which makes for a mean combination to try to beat. Explains why he has as many grand slam titles as he does!



4. Milos Raonic


Milos has the best pace of any of the people on this list. What makes this more amazing is all the twisting and weird movement he does before he serves. That being said, he pops the ball at over 140 mph, so he is entitled to have whatever motion he wants! He also is very difficult to read, so there's no surprise as to why he ranks so high on my list.



3. Roger Federer


The GOAT has to be on this list, of course! His serve ranks among the best and most consistent of all time, and that's self-explanatory. You don't win the most amount of grand slams ever without having a bomb of a serve. His service motion is pure gold, and very Sampras-like. There's not much to say about Roger other than "wow...".



2. John Isner